Loving yourself diet or should I say non-diet…

3 09 2012

If you are in a place where you feel out of balance with your body, the first thing we do is put ourselves on a diet or increase exercising. Both things are seemly the most logical way to bring back balance in our bodies. We go into panic mode and want to stop the bleeding immediately, but don’t consider that dieting or extreme workouts are never meant to maintain long-term.  They are just a temporary solution that will eventually send us back into our old ways. It may seem silly to consider, but our mind is the most powerful tool in weight loss. All thoughts lead to actions in our lifestyle choices. Using our mind and thought as your starting point will lead small adjustments that quickly gain momentum to reaching your weight goal.

All you need is love!

It sounds crazy, but come on think of all the other crazy things you have tried… no carbs, shakes, pills. Out of all of those things, which seems the most crazy. How do you love yourself? First, make a list of every part of your unique self and how wonderful it is. Your eye, cheeks, dimples, …whatever it is. Next, I want you to tell your body that you are going to start loving it and trying some new ways of life. You body at first is going to be suspect because you have tortured it so much in the past. If your body thinks at that it is going to be harmed, it will defend itself. That is why diets don’t work or you gain the weight back. The body adjusts because it thinks it is under attack. You are not going to trick it this time; you are going to learn to listen to it. Once you start listening to it, it may tell you what it really needs. It might say to you, “I would really like a salad”, instead of you becoming an emotionally-charge maniac with a need for chocolate with a vengeance because you feel bad about your thighs one day. The reason you are filling yourself with food when you are not hungry may be that you are hungry for a nice warm serving of love.

Make eating a sensorial experience.

Eating feels good because we need it for our survival. Take time to enjoy your food and the experience of eating. Smell it, look at it, and dress it up like you would yourself for a hot date by taking the time to put it on a beautiful plate. You should not eat your food with plastic utensils, unless you absolutely have to. Take every bite with intention and know that it is going to be part of your body very soon. Chew it slowly and taste each subtlety in flavor and texture, as your savor it. Increasing your awareness of your eating will create a deeper sense of knowing your body’s needs. You may also find yourself snacking less because your “food dates” with yourself are so enjoyable you won’t want to spoil them.

Hit the pause button.

Whether it is an emotional response to a situation or eating. When we feel an emotion that we judge to be uncomfortable we may feel the need to eat, but what if we took a step back and asks ourselves “what is it that I really need or what is causing my feelings?” If a baby is crying, we don’t immediately assume they are hungry, we check their diaper or we look at the clock to see if they need a nap. Take that extra moment to go through your own checklist and see what you really need. Is there a simple solution? Look for eating alternatives like taking a short walk, breathing, having a glass of water, watching a short funny video, send a inspiring or loving note to a friend, create a Pinterest board of something that is fun to you such as travel or crafts.

It’s all connected.

Stop compartmentalizing your diets. Everything that you do, think, and feel will leak into other areas of your life. When you think of what areas of your life could be effecting your balanced eating, you have to look at the whole picture. For instance, binge eaters tend to also be binge spenders and binge drinkers. Maybe you are hungry because you are not inspired and you are eating to bring pleasure or stimulation, because it is lacking in your life.

Change the way you think about working out

Do you remember when you were in the best shape of your life? Most likely when you were a child. There is a stigma around working out that it has to be painful, repetitive, or not interesting. Do fun things. Jump on a trampoline, jump rope, or rollerblade. Take a sexy burlesque or belly dancing class. Turn on your favorite music and dance like crazy.


The act of breathing not only calms your mind and detoxifies the body; it burns calories. Just by increasing your depth and frequency of breathing, you can increase your metabolism. According to this article on livestrong.com you can use this formula calculate how many calories you burn from breathing.

One kilogram equals 2.2 lbs. of body weight. So if you weigh 150 pounds, multiply 0.02 times 68 kg. The result is approximately 1.4. Multiply 1.4 times 15. You burned 21 calories breathing for 15 minutes.

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/320103-how-many-calories-does-it-take-to-breathe/#ixzz25PYWwoUx

I set my calendar on my phone to remind me throughout the day to breathe. You can also do yogic exercises called Pranayama to increase the amount of oxygen in your system.


There is so many toxins that we take in from the food we eat to the air we breathe. Our liver has the daunting task of filtering all that stuff out, yet at the same time it is also burning fat. If it is too busy working on the toxins, it has less time to spend on fat. To make matters worse, these toxins then get dumped into our intestines to be excreted but, if our digestive system is gummed up with processed foods then those icky toxins just sit there to be later directed to our fat cells where they are stored. What this means is that when you take in toxins, they slow down fat burning and later they get stored if you are not “going” regularly. First step in getting the bad stuff out is colon hydrotherapy. It sounds not fun and gross, but in the end getting all that stuff that is slowing down your metabolism as well as making you tired, cranky, and having cravings is the best thing you can do for your body. I have learned great deal useful detox info is from the therapists at the Tummy Temple, an excellent place to go and try one yourself. You can also try taking a supplement containing Zeolite, a toxin absorbing clay, will further the detox process.

You eat what you are

Once you are all clean, you have to focus on putting the good stuff back in. That means good organic vegetables. The bonus is all that good fiber will help you “go” and keep those toxins from getting stored in the fat cells. Did you know you should be “going” at least 1 to 3 times per day? Also you need lots of clean water. I recommend getting a filter water bottle that you can take around with you and fill up. It ensures that you always have clean water and it is better for the environment than bottled water.

Think yourself thin

Everything we feel and think manifests into actions that we take in our lives. It all starts with the mind.  Once we change our mind, new neural pathways start to form. That means when you create these new healthy habits, you are rewiring your brain. The more you reinforce them, the more your body will turn back to its healthy state of thinness.


Guilt-free is the way to be

Remember to be forgiving and most of all enjoy food. Love food! It is not an enemy out to separate us from our skinny jeans. Never ever feel guilty after eating anything. If you start to feel guilty, immediately think about how awesome the food was and how much you enjoyed it. Feeling remorse for eating that morsel will only lead to more of that same behavior. Get over it and move on!


I set the intent of success in reaching  your goal to anyone who was drawn to read this! I love your comments and feedback. Thank you!


The Big Stretch

10 10 2010

By Kallista Frost and Tricia Mann

“The best way to predict your future… is to create it.” –Urban Yoga Spa

In February 2009 Urban Yoga Spa opened its doors not knowing what the future would hold and filled their first class with seven people. On October 2nd, 2010, only nineteen months later, UYS kicked off their expansion with a class of eighteen times that.  130 bodies filled a room, made to fit 120, to celebrate the opening of the newly renovated studio.

Despite the close proximity we had with our neighboring yogis, teachers Kathy, Gordy and Jo, alongside live music from the DJ’s Bryce & MB of SeeSound Lounge, created an intensely physical and spiritual environment.  Each colorful mat laid side to side looked like one large twister game board, as each yogi moved in tandem with instructors’ cues. The slight bit of awkwardness was welcomed with an occasional laughter and lots of smiles. To top the afternoon off, the “after party” was held at Asagio’s Italian Restaurant compliments of owner and fellow yogi, Mauro Golmarvi. Dish after dish of delicious Italian cuisine were set out for UYS students leaving only our stomachs to expand, in the best way of course!

The latest room, which is fully equipped with a sound system and lined with mirrors, is the first of several renovations that will be taking place at UYS. The goal is to create enough space for the growing number of UYS members. “We feel so fortunate to have such an amazing community of people that practice Yoga together @ UYS.  Our guests are amazing, and we are so happy to provide this spacious new Yoga Studio for them to practice in,” owner and teacher Kathy explains of the expansion.

No one person who practices yoga has the same purpose for it as another, everyone’s intentions vary, as do the individual responses to each yoga practice. However, it was quite obvious that this first class in the new studio manifested itself within the concept of growth. It doesn’t matter where you are in life, you can always be a better person, for yourself and for those that surround you. You can always expand within your mind, heart, and soul. And, as the students left the beautiful new space there was no way not to feel renewed and ready to create a future full of possibilities and successes.

“The regular practice of Hot Yoga thoroughly cleanses your body of all things that do not belong…over time, this gets you back to your creative self…when this happens, your mind opens up to all kinds of possibilities!” –Kathy, UYS Owner.

For those of you who missed this event, Urban Yoga Spa is offering some extra “team style” classes this month:

Saturday, Oct. 16, 10:00am
Power Vinyasa ~ Level 2-3
Jo, Toni and Marva!
Challenge yourself and kick it up a notch!

Wednesday, Oct. 20, 10:00am-11:30am
Music Intense
Lady Gaga with Kathy, Madonna with Mandy
and Michael Jackson with Jennifer!

Saturday, Oct. 23, 9am
Hot Hatha
Diane and Ginger! The Ultimate Moving
Meditation class!

Saturday, Oct. 30, 10:00am-noon
Power Vinyasa – 2 Hours!
Sean, Gordy, Drew and Bret!!
Give it up for our awesome MALE teachers!!

For more information on Urban Yoga Spa please visit urbanyogaspa.com

Raising the Barre

7 08 2010

By Tricia Mann & Kalli Frost

A new fitness phenomenon is quickly spreading, making its way to Seattle.  Barre3 is a multi-dimensional workout combining the best components of ballet, Yoga, and Pilates. This trio results in a yogi physique with the strength of a Pilate’s body, plus the fluidity and posture of a dancer.  Founder and 20 year fitness veteran, Sadie Lincoln perfected Barre3 and the studio concept.  Over the past three years she has expanded her studios to the Philippines, as well as across the U.S, and trains all Barre3 instructors.

Barre3 is a quick 60 min. class that uses the ballet bar while incorporating Pilates and Yoga. The usage of the bar creates long, lean muscles by providing support during the exercises.  Unlike Yoga or Pilates, Barre3 offers three levels of classes to suit all needs and fitness levels. Starting with Foundation, a slower paced class, this beginning level provides time to focus on alignment and technique. Next, Traditional steps it up a few beats to a more vigorous pace allowing for a deeper muscle workout. For the most experienced, Advanced layers movements within each exercise to a “double-time” like pace and is only suggested for those who have worked through Foundation and Traditional. All levels of classes are accompanied by tempo appropriate music.  Sadie commented that the most important aspect to consider when determining which class to attend is honoring your truth level, which is how far you can go in proper form in your practice.

Barre3 has become so successful because it has been designed with the knowledge that many live busy lives and recognizes the need for a work out that fits that lifestyle. Barre3 even provides childcare, so there is no negotiating for a babysitter, or sacrificing your workout because you can’t find one.

In a fast-paced world, a convenient, efficient, and results oriented work out is the solution in achieving ones’ fitness goals. Barre3’s studio concept has put a modern spin on staying fit.

For more information visit: www.barre3.com

Seattle Fashion Week: Inside and Out

21 05 2010


Photo taken backstage by photographer Kevin Lane at Seattle Fashion Week 2010

By Tricia Mann

After much anticipation, Seattle Fashion Week hit the runway with a show that exceeded expectations.  I got a first hand look behind the scenes of the event and learned there are so many elements that go into producing a great fashion show. I was lucky to be selected as a model for Anar, Voss, Bebe and Strut Boutique.

I was really impressed with the quality of the hair and makeup. In between walking for Bebe and Strut Boutique, the Gene Juarez Artistic Team quickly transformed me from big sexy hair and hot pink lips to gothic forest fairy with green hair extensions and black finger nails. I had at least 8 people working on me at the same time. I felt like a race car driver going into the pits. The artistic team got me back out on the runway in record time. 

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Seattle Fashion Week Backstage Beauty

13 05 2010

By Tricia Mann & Kallista Frost

After much anticipation, Seattle Fashion Week hits the runway with three days of Haute fashion. Gene Juarez has teamed up with SFW to style the hair and makeup for all the models throughout the event. Creative director, Kim Lundin, and her team of 40 hairstylists and makeup artists will be working their magic on over 100 models. Lundin has been working closely with each of the designers to collect photographs and illustrations to  convey the looks to the stylists, and has constructed story boards with the looks meticulously organized.

The Gene Juarez team has shown their commitment over the last few weeks to SFW by putting together looks for models during both the Comcast Student Design Competition and the New Day Northwest show on KING 5. The hair and makeup for student design competitor Isaiah Whitmore was on point as the Gene Juarez team conveyed his winning collection with a distinctive, edgy look.

On Monday, Lundin managed all the hair and make up for the 6 models on the New Day Show. She stepped in and was helping throughout the process to make sure all the hair stylists and make up was on schedule. Despite her busy schedule, I was able to catch up with her for a quick interview.

How does your team plan on handling the flow of the evening and transitioning the models looks for each designer?

We began meeting with the designers a couple of weeks ago to determine what they would like the hair and makeup to look like for their show, after doing that we worked closely with the SFW team to determine an order for the show that would make it easiest to transition models from one look to another. We have all (Gene Juarez and SFW) agreed that there must be a cohesiveness to the entire evening so the hair and makeup can help carry that throughout the show.

What kind of products will you be using on the models?

We will be using our own line of product, the Gene Juarez line. We have spent several years developing this line and are excited to be using the styling products. So many times when you are backstage you need to do quick changes, so products like GJ Ocean Texture Spray and GJ Amplifying Spray allow us to do that. We also will be using our newest product, our own range of aerosol hairsprays, from light to firm hold, that are all workable sprays, meaning they don’t get stiff and hard and we are able to reshape the hair with them.

How will your team be translating the overall theme into the hair and makeup?

We think we have done a great job of interpreting what each designer wants to see and then collaborating with them to know what is possible and pushing them a little further, helping to make everything look more exciting and revolutionary.

Who are you most excited to see?

I can’t say any one designer, but I can say how excited I am that SFW has put together such a fantastic lineup for all three evenings. If I had to call something out I would say Isaiah Whitmore, Comcast student winner, for his innovation and cohesive collection on Thursday night. Strut Boutique for her entire vision of being able to pull from a unique inventory and create an exciting lineup on Friday night and Vera Wang because this is a major designer showing in Seattle, on Saturday night. The whole weekend is going to be great!!

Anything else that you would like to say?

Gene Juarez is proud to be the official hair and makeup sponsor of Seattle Fashion Week for the second year; we look forward to this event because it is a great way to link beauty and fashion. Those of us at Gene Juarez feel strongly that the two go hand in hand and it is important for our community and the women of Seattle to have the experience of seeing this in Seattle.

Lundin and her team have a whirlwind three days and a big opportunity to show Seattle their talent and dedication within the beauty and fashion industry. Best part, we get to be lucky ones to see it all come together on the runway! It’s going to be a revolutionary event for the Seattle fashion scene!

For all Seattle Fashion Week details visit http://www.seattlefashionweek.net

To check out the Gene Juarez team’s creation for the New Day Show visit http://www.king5.com/new-day-northwest/Seattle-Fashion-Week-Preview-93157199.html

Marrakech: Souks in the City

1 05 2010

By Tricia Mann

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When I saw the trailer for the much anticipated Sex in the City 2, I immediately recognized the airport. They are going to Marrakech!”

Marrakech is a thriving city full of culture and beauty. It also has it has its not so glamorous side.  Since I have been there, I will share both sides of my experience as I am sure it is similar to what the cast experienced during their filming of the movie.



I stayed at the all inclusive Club Med LA Medina. The staff greeted us with a cup of Moroccan mint tea, as custom of hospitality.  By way the way, if offered this, it is rude to say no.

The rooms were beautiful, and the pool was fabulous. Although the beds were not that comfortable as most luxury hotels I have stayed in. The food was outstanding, but I wondered why my Mojito tasted a little unusual. I found out the bar only served one type of alcohol for all mixed drinks, Gin. So much for tropical rum drinks by the pool. It was hard to ask them why they did not have rum, as the staff only spoke French.

The hotel that the Sex in the City cast stayed in, Amanjena Hotel is the most luxurious and new hotel in Marrakech. I am sure their rooms were fabulous, but I wonder if they came across the same issue of the accommodations being under par from what they expected as both are 5 star hotels.

Shopping in the Medina

The medina is a beautiful market called souks full of vendors selling food, jewelry, clothing, and beautiful local art. It is a great place to shop for souvenirs. If you plan to bring your camera, you must bring plenty of cash with you, as taking a photo of anything in the market such the snake charmers. Even at a far distance, they spot that flash immediately and approach you with their hand out. One actually walked my friend to the ATM and kept saying “you pay”.

As a ventured to though the market, I walked into this giant tent filled to the brim with colorful leather hand bags. The owner greeted me “Hello, Miss California”. I don’t know if he was complimenting or teasing me. I asked him to pull me down a specific teal handbag that had caught my eye. I inspected it, and the leather seemed stiff and smelled a little off. I later learned the handbags in the market were made of camel!  I know the character Carrie has a great, eclectic fashion sense so I am sure she had a great time visiting the souks. I wonder if she picked up one of those bags and realized what it was.

The Sun Wasn’t the Only Thing That Was Scorching

Then I came back to my room to finish getting ready. I started to straighten my hair with my flat iron that I had brought from home and used a plug converter from Radio Shack. As I straightened it, I noticed it was a little warmer then usual. I kept straightening away, until I realized that it was burning my hair. The plug converter had caused my flat iron to overheat. Chunks of my hair were so damaged the started to break off.  I quickly grabbed the first thing that came to mind, some Argan oil that I had purchased in the market. I immediately started putting it in my hair to add some moisture. I hope that the Sex in the City girls left their flat irons at home.

Dangers of Morocco

I warned my travel friends to be careful as many of them had never left the comforts of the US borders. Don’t rinse out your mouth with the water when you brush your teeth… Don’t let the monkey jump on you, I sounded like someone’s mom. They said I was being uptight which usually I am pretty laid back.  Then they all came home with a different illness: Giardia, Campylobacter, and one brought home some weird fungal bacterial infection. I had to sadly say I told you so.  Sorry, you are not going to be able to find any Pepto Bismo at the Pharmacy. What you will find is a den that looks like a witch doctors apothecary with different herbs and potions.  How about some leg of lizard for that tummy ache? Trust me, you do not want to have to go to hospital when you are in another country, especially Morocco.  I know in the first movie, Charolette was very careful about getting sick in Mexico but then being the one that ended up getting ill. I wonder how she copes with being in Marrakech?

A little R & R

Marrakech is home to some beautiful Moroccan style bathhouses called Hammams where you can enjoy pools, steam, and saunas. Moroccan Rose essential oils has a rich aroma that helps to relax you while get your massage. One issue with the spas is that many of the therapists do not speak English, so communicating you concerns is a little more challenging. Therapists find it appropriate to touch your breasts, which they do not allow in the US and may not use the same draping techniques to protect your privacy. I am sure Samantha did not mind that.

You’re not in New York, Anymore!

The ladies of sex in the city are in for a huge adventure in Marrakech. I am sure if they greet these cultural and differences in living conditions with an open mind, they will grow their perspectives of the world and learn more about themselves at the same time.

I am looking forward to seeing what happens!

Aren’t you GLAAD you didn’t go to Coachella?

20 04 2010


By Tricia Mann

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Despite competing with the Coachella Music Festival, the 21st Annual GLAAD Awards, held at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, had a staggering turn out. The evening honored both Drew Barrymore and Wanda Sykes.

GBK Production hosted a luxury gifting suite backstage to honor GLAAD Award Nominees with ties from Fig, spa treatments from Wahanda, skincare from Decleor Paris, sensual goodies from Peek-A-Boo Boutique, Revitalash and much more. Some of the suite visitors included Jason Lewis from Sex in the City, Bryan Batt from Mad Men, & Holly Robinson Peete from Celebrity Apprentice. On a side note, Holly won the best dressed award in my book.

The presenters and nominees were not the only ones to be showered with gifts. All attendees also received a swag bag filled to the brim with goodies such as Absolut Mandarin Vodka, Hard Candy make up, and Obagi Eye Cream. It was so heavy, I could barely carry it.

I was hoping Ellen DeGeneres would have attended, but the grand finale performance by Adam Lambert was the perfect end to a great evening.

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) is dedicated to promoting and ensuring fair, accurate and inclusive representation of people and events in the media as a means of eliminating homophobia and discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation.

You can learn more about GLAAD at http://www.glaad.org